Rights of pregnant women and patients in Ukraine

Women all over the world are subjected to various forms of discrimination, including pregnancy tests during job placement and dismissal of pregnant women. Find out what the rights of pregnant women in Ukraine an employer is required to observe and what rights of the patient she has. At School of Moms during the class "The rights of pregnant women and patients in Ukraine" our volunteer Yana, a lawyer by training, will help you to find answers to these and other questions.
Can a pregnant woman be denied in hiring?

Does a pregnant woman have the right to a half-time workday?

Can a pregnant woman be fired?

Can a pregnant woman change the job for an  easier one?

Do they have the right to reduce the hours of work or transfer a pregnant woman to a different job with a lower salary?

Can the woman take an annual holiday after the maternity leave?

Can she choose any prenatal clinic to register?

If a pregnant woman, did decide to be tested, do ultrasound, can she do it in a situation of trust?

What are the main patient's rights, which are relevant for pregnant?

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